Green Butterfly


 CAD $ 5,000 

  • Packaged 5-hour consulting (lawyers/financial adviser/school consultant/ real-estate consultant) to cover all basic needs of the Client upon arrival to Canada;
  • 10-hours translator/interpreter services with third parties;
  • Reservation package (classes/ entertainment);
  • Enrollment applications filing for schools.

Golden Butterfly


 CAD $ 30,000 

  • Full service enrollment and accompanying package for children/parents desired study programs
  • Full service advisory package for visas and immigration needs
  • Full service  advisory package to buy/rent a house/apartment and any other real-estate needs

Diamond Butterfly


 CAD $ 100,000 

  • One-to-one custom-build concierge service package
  • Private service team with 24/7 support
  • Exclusive investment advisory package for financial/investment/real-estate and immigration planning
  • Club membership package to suit client's social needs
  • Private referrals, banking/credit card ratings for clients 

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